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Makaila Wallace
Professional Dancer/Teacher, Ballet BC

“I am so excited and happy about Ballegro! I have never seen an app like it! I have been a professional dancer for over 15 years and also do a lot of teaching. I have always found it challenging to plan music for my classes because I always want to find just the right song. Ballegro provides so many options including music selection, length of song and tempo, and it's all in the same place. I have used it in many of my classes now and it is amazing! It not only makes planning my classes when I don’t have a pianist SO much easier, it makes the process more enjoyable :) Not only that, Yawen is an incredible pianist who not only really understands what is needed, her music is so beautifully! Her app is my “go to” if I know I need to provide my own music for class. I highly recommend it!”

Eva Carius
Ballet Teacher, Harbour Dance Centre

"I've really enjoyed using Ballegro for my ballet classes. So much music in one place! Once I've made up my class playlists it all plays smoothly right off my iPhone. The tempo changer is brilliant! No pitch changes! Students often comment on the lovely, rich sound quality and we all enjoy the wide range of music on the app. And there's more music every month or so! Love it."

Kristin Carlson, PhD
Assistant Professor | Arts Technology Program, Illinois State University

"Ballegro is a fabulous way to have music ready for my classes! I love the music in the app, but I can also upload my own, organize it into playlists, and the best feature is to be able to adjust the tempo at any point while teaching. For example, I can slow down the tempo if I need to in the middle of an exercise, or speed it up a bit to push the dancers. I can also search a large variety of music by exercise, length, rhythms, and genres. The app is intuitive and easy to use on my iPhone or my laptop, which is great when I need to focus on my class material (and not how to make the music work). I can build a playlist on the train, and be ready to go when I get to class, and can move smoothly through my great options for music!"

"I tested Ballegro yesterday in 2 classes using my iPhone. I love the concept and think your player has a great deal of potential. I love that when I chose to repeat it also saves it this way in my playlist! I love the available songs and the sound quality is exquisite."

Kim Shope
Head of Dance Department & Ballet Teaching Artist, Kansas City Young Audiences, Missouri, USA

"I found this app very satisfying and easy to use. The centered design and simple color scheme keep me focused and interested, which helped me enjoy this app more even though I'm not a ballet dancer. I really like the ability to speed up or slow down songs, while also being able to choose how many times it loops. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and found this app very useful and convenient."

Mike Rickey
Arts Technology Program, Illinois State University, USA

"I thought Ballegro was a great website for anybody who needs music to be used in other functions than just listening. Such as dancers or musicians. The different features made it simple to find songs that fit what I'm looking for or just suggest songs that I may have never known before. The playlist feature helped keep songs I like together for when I want certain ones back to back."

Matthew McCoy
Arts Technology Program, Illinois State University, USA

"I love Ballegro!!!! So easy to use, well-thought out, wonderful playing. It really helps my ballet workout at home. I am much more inspired to do my pointe exercises at home with your music. Thanks! I use a speaker and it sounds great. Really, you can't believe how the right music motivates me to push harder. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!"

Kumiko Naiki
Ballet Student, Vancouver, Canada

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